Got what it takes to be a Tribal Police Officer?
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Driven and Motivated
Being driven and motivated is a must for anyone interested in becoming a police officer. It takes determination and drive from the individual to continue to strive to be better and work to make a difference in the community. To protect and serve others without praise or rewards police officers go out every day into potentially dangerous situations in order to be a public servant. Good police officers don’t sit back and wait for situations to fall in their lap. Day in and day out they are always looking for ways to improve their community and help.

Good Physical and Mental Health
Police training takes strength, dedication and determination. Officers need to be in great shape to keep up with the demand of the job. The physical side of the job is only part of the requirements. Often dealing with people who suffer from mental or emotional health problems, a successful officer is trained to handle situations with great care, always keeping the person’s best interest and well-being first.

Able To Handle Stressful Situations
Not every day in an officer’s career are they faced with dangerous or life threatening situations. When they do arise, it’s important any officer is able to make quick decisions and handle stressful situations. Confident and knowledgeable officers are crucial to a police services success, while uncertain or indecisive officers can be a threat to themselves, the community and other officers.

Self Improvement
The most experienced, successful officers never quit improving themself both mentally and physically. There is always opportunity to learn and grow in every career. As a police officer the day to day experiences over a lifetime career offer real life value and often reflect a positive attitude. Understanding that no matter what stage of a career you are in or age in life, you can always learn more and are never at your max potential is the secret to always wanting to improve. 

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