Lillooet Resident Spotlight: Linda Redan – Translator
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Lillooet Linguist - Native Language

During our last on location shoot in the beautiful Lillooet, we had the pleasure of meeting and talking with teacher, translator and local resident Linda Redan. In an upcoming episode of Tribal Police Files you’ll too have the pleasure of learning from Linda more about the history and heritage of the Stl’atl’imx First Nation. 

Born and raised in the community, Linda was originally a part of the Xaxli’p (Fountain) First Nation, as were her parents Sebastian and Adeline Peters. Her grandmothers neither spoke much English, so their native language of St’at’imcets was the only real way to communicate. This is where Linda’s love of the language started which she has carried on through teaching over the years. A St’at’imcets  teacher at the School District #74 in Lillooet, she is now retired but continues to be an active part in her community.

Passionate  about teaching the youth the St’át’imc  language, she also is one of 7 First Nation members who has helped to translate for the First Voices website and mobile app. Linda spends her time learning and translating stories from the elders and now is mentoring her niece Marilyn Napoleon to do follow in her footsteps in keeping their native tongue a proud and active part of the family’s teaching tradition
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