Thank You People of St’at’imc First Nation
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Thank First Nations People

Thank you to the St’at’imc Nation.

The vision and purpose behind the Tribal Police Files television series, was so much more than another reality cop tv show. Tribal Police Services across Canada have to protect the community and embrace the traditions of the people they serve. It was crucial from the very beginning the surrounding communities of Lillooet support the cast and crew filming and our goal remain to bring the people and police together. We we’re given the opportunity to give the people in this area an inside glimpse into the life of an St’at’imc Tribal Police officer and show the police are dedicated and loyal members of the communities they serve.

The entire St’at’imc Tribal Police Service was incredible during our time working with them. Without the assistance from Constables Isaac, Honeyman, Thevarge, Sgt. Austinson, and Chief Officer Dee Doss Cody, who are all featured in upcoming episodes, Tribal Police Files TV would not have been possible.

The amazing support we have received from the community has been nothing short of incredible! Friends on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, those who came out to say hello and show support while we were filming and especially to the entire St’at’imc Nation, we can’t thank you enough for making this incredible project possible and help bringing it to life! 

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