Communities Of Lillooet: Tsalalh (Seton Lake)

St’at’imclhkalh, Tsal’alhmeckalh kela7. We are St’át’imc – Tsal’alhmec, the People of the Lake.

We are also known as the Seton Lake Indian Band.  Our story began as the People that lived and thrived along the lake since time out of mind.  We had numbered in the thousands with many large village sites that were along the shores of the lake.  These sites can still be seen today as evidence of our existence.  Our Culture and Way of Life is written on the land, and is alive.

We, the Tsal’alhmec, are the original caretakers of our land. We respect the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors and take pride in our healthy self-sustaining community.

We will maintain our culture and traditions as the original people of the lakes.

We recognise all community members as valued individuals with a sense of ownership, respect and self-worth

Through education, social and economic development, and stewardship of our land and resources, we will enhance and sustain our environment and balance the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health of our members.

As a part of the St’at’imc Nation, our community governance will be accountable and build on traditional models to lead us towards self-sufficiency.

SRC: http://www.tsalalh.net/ 

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