Communities Of Lillooet: Xaxli’p (Fountain)

Xaxli’p “Mission Statement” is to be proud, independent, self-sufficient Xaxli’pemc and continue to purse a land settlement with the Canadian Government; Work with the best interest of Xaxl’ipmec with support, trust and respect of one another. For all to be open minded.

Where we are Xaxli’p Formerly known as Fountain Band, is a First Nations government located about 10 miles (15km) from the Village of Lillooet on Highway 99 North, in the Central Interior-Fraser Canyon region of the Canadian province of British Columbia. Xaxli’p is a member of the Lillooet Tribal Council. Other St’at’imc governments include the smaller In-SHUCK-ch Nation on the lower Lillooet River to the southwest, and the independent N’quatqua First Nation at the farther end of Anderson Lake from Seton Portage, which is the location of three of the reserve communities of the Seton Lake FIrst Nation, aka the Seton Lake Indian Band.

sr: http://www.xaxlip.ca/ 

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