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If you’re looking to talk to someone about emotional health, bullying, or something else that is bothering you, Geeshpin whuyuh nen do wawm myo nen wog noon nut Kids Help has someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Puhneh go yaw wook gey we dook kog yin.  Councillors are people who are there to listen, not judge, offer help and someone you can trust. Gun zin daw gook en kea jik, caw gub bawb mi go see, mean gey pen emo mo yin.


Action Canada Access Line 
PHONE: 1-888-642-2725

The Access line is a 24-hour, free helpline for information on sexual health and referrals on pregnancy options.

Friendship Centres Zhon


National Native and Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NNADAP) Offices

British Columbia First Nations Health Authority

PHONE (604) 693-6500

Alberta Regional Referral Coordinator
(780) 495-2345

Saskatchewan Region’s NNADAP Program Manager
(306) 780-8392

Manitoba Regional Office
(204) 983-4199

Ontario Region’s NNADAP Program Manager
(807) 343-5352

Quebec Region’s NNADAP Program Manager
PHONE (514) 283-1559

Atlantic Regional Office 
PHONE (902) 426-6637


STEP 1: Ntum

  • Rama Police Service gdawg di non nun recruitement application.
  • Kina goh moosh neh beyun.
  • Kina goh eg jit to jig ween duh nuh kea wot Rama Police Sob dake kin duh moosh nuh be gaw deh Certifcate of Results (C.O.R.)  he ing  don gine daw gey noon.

STEP 2: Chid bob mi gow yin mean waw chin duh kene mi goy yin.

  • Noonch go gey go gwea geadge mi goh, kendosswin, eng gut chi gey yin, skills and experience.
  • Mem di gey goh dug no wamb ji gawd eh gey shig ski key gey ski key zo yin chi coo weh ni neyo yin.
  • Kina go duh go wedge mi goz wook mnick ezhi ken moo wot we nuh kea wot Nishnawbe ken daw wot.

STEP 3: Background Investigation

  • Noonchgo gey go gween duh ken mi goh.

    An officer will be assigned to report on the candidates noonch go gey kwean duh ken mi gi educational and employment experiences as well as habits, criminal involvement, driving history, associates & friends, family members, financial credit check, social network pages etc.

  • Medical examination
  • Psychological Assessment

STEP 4: Chi nuh key taw geh yin min waw chi ki no maw go yin.

  • Pre-Ontario Police College (OPC) – Orientation and introduction to policing Shi kin tum wazhi kin no maw goyin mean waw chi ken mun koon wey ni neeng.
  • One (1) week at the gon ji kin no maw go  Ontario Provincial Police Academy, Orillia Ontario
  • Thirteen (13) weeks at the OPC, Alymer Ontario dun ji tawm gut.
  • Designed to provide candidates with a sound knowledge chi ken mun of the laws and procedures a front-line officer nee gawn en kear coon weh nini  is required to apply in the performance of their duties.Weh weh nuh gu kin non maw go di bock ni gey win mean waw nun key yin.
  • Woosh mey go gu kino maw go maw Post-Ontario Police College
  • Eight (8) weeks gud niss hee ing at the Ontario Provincial Police Academy, koon weh nin wuck endgi kino maW GOSS WOT Orillia Ontario

Goh gaw zhop kung git  duh gwedge maw gozz wook chi nuhkey wot kin goh gaw zhop skum wot of the Ontario Police College Basic Constable Training and the Ontario Provincial Police Academy, Pre & Post OPC training.


  1. Kina go chi zhi be geh yin mean waw chi nin maw geh yin Note: Application forms can be obtained he ing dawg di non nun mzi nig nun at the Rama Police Service office. Rama koon weyo nin wup endge nuh key wot
  2. Ob dake goh O.A.C.P guh me gwane. Jib waw noon go yin chi nuh key yin.
  3. Oh gaw zhopskung duh gwedge mi goz zuh chi nin no mowint. Noonch gey go chi duh can mint.
  4. Oh gaw zhop sh shkung  ob dake duh zhaw ki no maw geh win hi eng  gee yawb bi gooh Pre OPC and mean waw goh hi eng at the Ontario Provincial Police Academy.
  5. Duh gwedge maw chi nuh keat chi koon wey ni nea wit  muhgeese cawm gut pea geesh toot Ontario Police College and Ontario Provincial Police Academy.

Note: Wooosh me meh maw chim cuh mun ken ji can be accessed daw dindje gaw deh on the following website on expectations of the written and physical testing for recruit constable:


  • Possess a valid First Aid Certificate and CPR Certificate (or willing to obtain prior to offer)
  • Has successfully completed gea geesh to yin  an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
  • Mzi ni gun chim mib dootch kay yin
  • Caw mom daw chit koon goom bun
  • Nbed dogzi yin maw Canada
  • Em nuh zhi web zit gey zhig gnoo wab mi gow yin upon as being trustworthy and having integrity
  • Chick shki aho zi yin mean waw gea yuk chi nem mun chi koo wamb diz yin mean kina wuh yuh
  • Chi deb bo when diz yin mean waw bob ji gey yin chi ken mun gean ezhi skew zo yin pea gey go snu guck
  • Chick ski ezowin whew he nin nuh chig noo wamb di mun wey wey nun
  • Op chi gooh wey wey nuh chi geeg duh yin mean waw chi zhi bea gey yin
  • Chi ken dung wozh obgit tote
  • Chi ken mun Anishnawbemming mean waw eh nen daw gook ezhi deb when mow wot Anishnawbe bi mod zo win. Dawo nish in

YIPI – Youth in Policing Initiative

Position Title: Nee bing waw nu keet enh duh ken doss sut

Gooh wog gjit tow jig ob dake go dum nuh peadsi wook presently scheduled to attend Secondary School or Post Secondary School/Learning Centre and returning in September 2018. Woosh mey we duh ken doss wot 

Duh wey nom ji gozz suh…weh wey nup zun

Reports To:

  • Chief of Police gey nea gone zit


  • Must be self motivated/able to work independently
  • Between ages 15 and 18 years of age (translated above) at the commencement of the program pea motch tum guk
  • Wey wey nuh ezhi zig no wawb ji gozz zut
  • Ezhi minno modzit
  • Chi kino mog zit
  • Chi zhop shkung criminal clearance background check
  • Weep skaw beet kinno maw geyogum goong September
  • Chi ken dung noonch yam guck Nish naw beck ezhi deb mo when mot mean waw ezi modzit wot
  • Me mondah tum gditch caw dakw TIPI

*Being mean waw jee non ning guh nuh key– desirable attributes would include a valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card, as well as swimming and water safety courses.

Objective of YIPI:

  • Chi tem guck a safe and positive summer employment opportunity nee bin chi nuh key wot esh neeg jik. Nuh kay ying ezhi bi mod zi wot end daw jig
  • Chi tem guck opportunity to develop job skills meg go waw ni ken mow wot  ezhi we do cod wot koon wey nin wook mean waw end daw jik
  • Chi modge jea geese caw wot esh neeg jig en ji king kendozz wi nun mean waw nuh key win duh kenj gaw dak

The Ojibwe People’s Dictionary:

This site is a browseable and searchable dictionary with both English-to-Ojibwe and Ojibwe-to-English translations. The dictionary also contains categorized sections for different word families (for example: wildlife) and photographs of Ojibwe culture.

Sault College ‘Let’s Start Ojibwe’ series: Emeh motch tow dah Ojibwe ezh bee gawd eh gen hihing kina naw geyo gum goong Sault College ezhi caw dake.  Yam guh doon Ojibwe kinomog geyonun  Noonch goh snug doon kinomogeyonun. Kina goh geh go dom cauge gawd eh geh zhi we dook gook kem guck.

Enhsi geezeguk Anishnaabemowin:  Monduh website tey noon chin jina gede zeek nun chin duh Anishnaabemyin. Gey zhi kid yin mean gey zhi on ki not mun geed fose chi gaw dake.  Gwed jim geetch ki weh chi we dook cog yin.

Noongwa e-Anishinaabemjig: Noonch goh bin ji bawm chi canj gaw dakw wazhi Anishinaabemoong. The University of Michigan sponsors this site and hosts three levels of Anishinaabemowin curriculum on this website, as well as lessons from visiting Ojibwe speakers eh Anishnaabdemjik and storytellers. Mean waw eh awtsoh kehjig. This resource also lists picture books that are published in Ojibwe, and submitted projects from Ojibwe speakers. Zhi be gaw geh gaw mzin be mow wot eh Anishnaawbemjig.

FirstVoices Keyboards:

Anishinaabe, Ojibwe Language: Monduh website zhi be gawd eh noon gehzhi wee dook cawm ge cut  chin ken mun wazhi Anishnaawbemmoong. Mayozhu gaw mizh zhu we buck Annishnaawbemoong geed gonj gaw deh Mean waw washi geed duh yin. Baa teen doon ezhi be gaw dake Anishnaabeywing.