Rama Police Service (formerly Mnjikaning Police Service or Rama Reserve Police) was first administered under the responsibility of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Service (RCMP) during the early 60’s and 70’s.  This responsibility was eventually transferred to the Ontario Provincial Police under the First Nation Policing Program. During this time period, Rama Police Service was known as the Rama Reserve Police which had an officer complement of 1 to eventually 2 officers during the early 1990’s.

On July 31st, 1996, Casino Rama opened its doors, which required Rama First Nation to provide 24hr policing, causing the police service to quickly grow from 2 officers to a full complement of officers.  Rama First Nation did this with the guidance of the Ontario Provincial Police and the First Nation Policing Program over a period of several years.

In the summer of 2006, Rama Police Service moved into their new state of the art police facility.  The Rama Police Service building contains 4 cells, 2 sally ports, interviewing rooms with full surveillance coverage, community rooms and constables and administration areas.

In August of 2005, Rama Police Service became successful under the tutelage of the Ontario Provincial Police in becoming a self administered police service and growing quickly from two officers to our current complement of the Chief of Police, various ranks, administration staff and a full Police Services Board.

The Rama Police Service strives to be sensitive and responsive to community needs and is dedicated to educating and participating in the development of committees and focus groups, addressing specific issues such as public safety, crime prevention, victim support, emergency response, public order and dedication to community policing. Rama Police Service Members are dedicated to creating a network based on trust and desire for a healthy and safe community.
Since the opening of Casino Rama in 1996, the community as a whole has had many barriers to cross.  With the large influx of patrons and staff frequenting the community, at its highest point, the Casino has over 18,000 patrons per day.  This placed many unique demands on our small service which we have grown to meet.

Today, Rama Police Service provides highly trained services, not only to the community of Rama First Nation, but also to transient traffic to and from Casino Rama, while maintaining a strong partnership with various stakeholders in the surrounding area.